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Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include activated carbon, ausitn carbon filter, birm (best iron removal media), water treatment for hospital, sewage treatment plant conventional and anthracite filter media.
Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon

Rs 50  / KgGet Best Price
FormGranular (GAC)
Packaging Detail40 Kg HDPE Bag
Cas Number7440-44-0
Usage/ApplicationWater Treatment
TypeGranular Activated Carbon
Purity %99%
Moistureless than 4%
Hardness88.5 to 93.5%
Iodine Value500-1200 mg/g
Ash Content3%W/W
pH Value7.5
HS Code38021000
Shelf Life36 months

Activated Carbon price in India


Packaging detail


1 Kg Bag

Rs 50

40 Kg Bag

Rs 1925


(*GST & transportations charges to be applied)


Get Best price of 40 Kg Bag of high quality Activated Carbon, Granular(GAC).

We are engaged in offering the finest quality range of Activated Carbon to our clients. Activated Carbon , which is popularly known as activated charcoal, is a form of carbon process to have large surface area available for adsorption and chemical reactions. It has high degree of porosity.

First Aid Measures

  • Skin: Wash material off skin with soap and water. Seek medical attention if irritation develops and persists. 
  • Eyes: Do not rub eyes. Flush with copious amounts of water for 15 minutes while holding eyelids apart. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. 
  • Ingestion: Rinse the mouth. Do not induce vomiting without advice from the poison control center. If vomiting occurs, keep your head low so that stomach content does not get into lungs. 
  • Inhalation: Remove to fresh air and keep at rest. Seek medical attention if cough or respiratory symptoms develop or persist.


Accidental Release Measure

  • If a Spill or Leak Occurs: Ventilate the contaminated area. Clean up spills in a manner that does not disperse dust into the air. 
  • Disposal Method: Sweep up or vacuum up and shovel into suitable containers for disposal. Dispose in a facility for non-hazardous wastes. 
  • Container Disposal: Do not reuse empty bags or drums. Dispose of used bags in facilities permitted for non-hazardous wastes.


Handling and Storage

Precautions for Safe Handling Handling: 

  • Avoid prolonged contact with eyes and skin. 
  • Do not breathe dust. 
  • Use in well ventilated areas. Protect containers from physical damage. 
  • Wash hands after handling. 

Conditions for Safe Storage: 

  • Store in a cool, dry, ventilated area and in closed containers. 
  • Store above freezing. 
  • Keep away from oxidizers, sunlight, heat or flames. 
  • Store away from ignition sources. 
  • Store in a dry place


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Ausitn Carbon Filter

Ausitn Carbon Filter

Price on Request
Usage/ApplicationWater Filter
Length10-15 inch
Automation GradeAutomatic
Is It CustomizedCustomized
Diameter2-3 inch
Pore Size5-10 micron

Austin Carbon filter’s are used for removal of chlorine, colour and odour of from water. Austin carbon filter are easy to operate and maintain. State of the art FRP pressure vessels, best quality PVC pipe and fittings and ABS operating valves makes the system long lasting

Austin Carbon Filter

Brand :  Austin

Tank  :  FRP

Type :  Mannual / Automatic

Capacity :  100LPH / 1 Lac LPH


·        Removes chlorine and odour form the utility water

·        Removes chemical impurity form water

Used in pretreatment of water

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Birm (Best Iron Removal Media)

Birm (Best Iron Removal Media)

Price on Request
Usage/ApplicationSwimming P{ool
Filter TypeActivated Carbon Filters
Type Of MachinesSand Filtration
Filter Medium MaterialMicrofiber
Flow Rate0-500
I Deal InNew Only




Packaging Size


Packaging Type

Plastic bag

Product Type


We are offering high quality of Best Iron Removal Media (BIRM).

It can be used in gravity fed as well as pressurized water filter systems. It usually acts as insoluble catalyst to enhance the reaction between dissolved oxygen (D.O.) and the iron compounds to insoluble iron oxide compounds which can be easily filtered.



Its very efficient for the reduction of dissolved iron from effluent water. labor costs involved are extremely low because it does not require chemicals for regeneration, only periodic backwashing is required.



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Water Treatment For Hospital

Water Treatment For Hospital

Price on Request
Type Of MaintenanceCorrective Maintenance
Automation GradeAutomatic
Service LocationHospital
Installation ServiceYes

Product Details:

Water Source Type

Borewell Water / Ground Water 

Treatment Technique

Pressure Vessel Filtration 

Automation Grade

Automatic / Mannual 

Installation Type

Plant Room Installation 

We are the leading supplier of Water Treatment Plant For hospital made available to our clients at competitive prices.


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Sewage Treatment Plant Conventional

Sewage Treatment Plant Conventional

Rs 2.5 Lakh  / UnitGet Best Price
Installation TypePrefab, Containerized , Civil or PAckaged
Water SourceSewage or waste water
Capacity5 KLD to 5 MLD
Treatment StagesPreliminary , Primary , Secondary, Tertiary , Discinfection
Automation GradeManual , Semi automatic or automatic

Sewage treatment Plant (STP) is used to remove contaminants from Sewage wastewater generated mainly from household sewage plus some industrial wastewater.

Physical, chemical, and biological processes are used to remove contaminants like Organic Matter, Carbon , Nitrogen etc.

Treated wastewater is produced which can be reused  or that is safe enough for release into the environment.


Many Government Regulations also require Commercial Establishments (like Hotels, Industries, Restaurants, Religious or Commercial Institutions, Offices etc ) to install Sewer Treatment Plants.


The main aim of using STP is to treat their Waste Water before discharge into Government Sewers or Environment.



Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Piece



Automatic Grade

Semi-Automatic, Automatic, Manual

Impurities to be removed

BOD ,COD , Color, Dissolved Minerals, Turbidity, pH, TDS, Oil and Grease, Smell etc

Installation Service


Treatment Stages

Preliminary Treatment, Primary Treatment, Secondary Treatment, Disinfection, Tertiary Treatment

Installation Type

Prefabricated, Completes Civil work with Installation, Containerized Plug & Play , Trolley Mounted for easy mobility , Packaged

Secondary Treatment Type

Fluidized Aerated Reactor, Dissolved Air Floatation, Sequential Batch reactor, Reverse Osmosis, Activated Sludge, Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR)



Conventional Sewage Treatment Plant helps in sewage treatment in all kinds of industries and societies.   


The various areas of applications are –

1.       Housing Societies

2.       Hotels, Resorts , Hospitals

3.       Malls , Market Places  , Schools , Colleges

4.       Offices, Factories, Industries

5.       Government institutions, Religious Institutions.

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Anthracite Filter Media

Anthracite Filter Media

Rs 40  / KgGet Best Price
Packaging Size1 kg, 5, 10, 25, 40, 100 kg
AppearanceBlack color

Anthracite Filter Media

We are the Anthracite media suppliers and traders from the India. We have best quality Anthracite media with very competitive price. Anthracite media is used as sub-fill and as a component of multi media filters. This is long life media with wide range of temperature. Anthracite media does not contain any traces of silica which can interfere in the production of ultra pure water .

Specification of Anthracite Media 



Bulk Dancity

50lbs/ Cuft

SP. Gravity

1.65 + 0.05


0.60 – 2.30mm


3.0  -3.8

Bed Depth

24 – 36 inch

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Polyelectrolyte (Flocculant)

Polyelectrolyte (Flocculant)

Rs 250  / LitreGet Best Price
Packaging TypeDrum
Packaging Size10Kg Paper Bag
ApplicationSwimming pool
Physical PropertiesPowder, white color



High Molecular weight flocullant polymers Available in Anionic, Non Ionic and Cationic grades

 Product Characteristics


Superior floc formation

Major effects yielded with limited use

Superior cleaning performance

Use over a broad pH range

Combined use with inorganic flocullants heightens superior treatment effects

Packing : 10 kg  Paper Bag




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Potassium Permanganate

Potassium Permanganate

Price on Request
Usage/ApplicationSwimming Pool
Packaging TypeStandard
Packaging SizeCustomized
Physical FormSolid

We are Potassium Permanganate suppliers, We have the best quality of Potassium Permanganate, with very competitive price. Our Potassium Permanganate is made with very high quality raw materials using all quality standards of the Industry.

Potassium Permanganate (KMnO4) is a chemical compound of manganese, potassium and oxygen. It dissolves in water to give deep purple solution, evaporation of which gives prismatic purple-black glistening crystals. It has a sweet taste and is odourless.

Water treatment for disinfection, odour control and maintaining B.O.D. levels
Pickling agent in steel industry for descaling and degreasing
Fumigation of Poultry farms, hatcheries and hospitals
Air purification for odour control and increased oxygen levels


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